Monday, March 23, 2009

7 weeks old, already!

This baby is just the cutest little thing! Ok, I can definitely admit...a little bit of a hassle but cute! OK, I quit my job and I'm currently working on a contract for in-home day care. I hope to start in a couple weeks. ( We cant afford not to) So I guess technically I will be a stay at home mom! YAY! Until it drives me crazy at least. I hope to eventually start doing some massages on the weekends. I have to do 50 hours a year to keep my license and I think I'm only up to about 15 so far. (sad) Anyway, this isn't supposed to be about me.

Violet is 22 inches long and my guess is just under 9 lbs. She is still super skinny. She is too long for newborn onesies but still doesn't quite fill out newborn sized pants. She is still sleeping in her bassinet and she is sleeping around 6 hours a night. During tummy time a few days ago she rolled over from her stomach to her back. She has started a little talking and if you leave and come back before she cries she smiles really big that you are there. --I hope that makes sense.

We really want to get some professional pictures taken but haven't gotten around to it because we're busy or lazy or just suck...I dont know.

She still likes to be held ALL DAY! It kind of get annoying but I can get a few things done if I wear her in my sling. I use the Maya Wrap. Its pretty awesome. Vi really likes it, she usually falls right to sleep or just stares at my face the whole time she is in the sling. She still hates the swing and sometimes I can put her in the bouncy seat for about 5 minutes. I have been sitting her up in the boppy and she likes that sometimes. She has started to be ok with the carseat sometimes but mostly hates it. (she hates everything! -Just like me)