Tuesday, December 30, 2008

33 and a half weeks!

Today I saw the doc. My blood pressure was 112/70. I've gained 23 lbs (according to the doc). Baby's heart rate is around 130 bpm. I'm measuring 32 weeks. Everything seems to be going well!

I've been having braxton hicks contractions a lot more often, especially when I have to pee. Sleeping is a royal pain in the neck/side/legs/low back! At least I'm not up all night with acid reflux though! I do get it after I eat sometimes, which is supposed to be a sign that my baby will have hair. We will have to wait to prove that theory.

My next baby shower is coming up and I'm super excited. I cant wait to finish the nursery! I fully expect to have to buy a ton of stuff but I have to wait until after the shower to make final purchases...but I'm still really excited.

I plan on working up until the baby comes. I have a really laid back job (when I'm not massaging) and will have no problems keeping up. Plus, its a straight shot to the hospital now that the highway is open again. It shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes to get there from my work, or from my home. And, since Justin works a mile down the street its super convenient. I have been told to get a trash bag and a pillow for the ride to the hospital just in case my water breaks in the car. And we'll have the car seat and my bags in my car ready to go.

I cant wait!! I'm really starting to get excited. I think its finally sinking in that I'm going to have a baby!

And for those of you who like to ask generic pregnancy questions....

No cravings, no nausea, yes back pain, yes tired, yes excited, no swelling, I'm due Feb 13th, I'm not ready to be "done" with pregnancy--too much preparing left to do. I'm only really uncomfortable after I eat and when I wear my jeans with a button and zipper.

I will take a picture this Friday on my 34 week mark!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

nursery update

This is the canvas that I made for the wall in the nursery. How cute! I love the way it came out. The monkey is the same as the bedding.

I made this lion pillow case too. It also matches the bedding.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not feeling too well today..

This morning I woke up and started getting ready for work as usual. I was just finished with my hair when I got dizzy broke out into a cold sweat and my heart rate went up. No fever or anything.. I had already eaten breakfast too. So I got a glass of orange juice--which usually helps but it didn't. I had milk this morning too, which is why I thought it was so weird. Milk is supposed to help lower your blood pressure. Anyway, I called the doc and she wanted me to go to the hospital to have some testing done but since we dont have any money and I dont have insurance, I decided to stay home and wait it out a little.

I then realized that I haven't really been eating the way I normally eat and I haven't had any really good source of iron this week. So I had some raisins and then Justin and I went and got some beef, spinach, and broccoli for lunch. I took an hour nap without even realizing and now I'm tired but am trying to stay awake so I can get some decent sleep tonight. I am feeling a little better, my heart rate has normalized and I have been getting up really slowly so I dont get dizzy anymore. I feel like I just ran a marathon though and I really want to sleep.

On a normal day I feel great! I'm moving around with a little more difficulty but still moving. I get out of bed like I'm 80 years old. I feel the baby move a couple times an hour now.

I have been having strong feelings(this week) that its a girl..we'll have to wait though. On Thanksgiving the Fisher's and Hendrickson's all think & hope its a boy and the Bellinger's didn't really talk about it..(which is what I prefer) We are still planning on naming the baby either Logan or Violet(Vi). I wish our last name wasn't Fisher because I LOVE the name Victor. But, Victor Fisher sounds dumb.

I also decided to take a picture of myself....so here I am at 29 weeks and 5 days. I cant believe I only have 10 weeks left! Last night I was really grossed out with the thought that there was something living inside my belly, but then I got over it. haha. I'm a little crazy.

I weigh around 134 which is about 24lbs more than before I was pregnant. I think I was closer to 114 when I actually got pregnant but I never wrote it down because I didn't think I was.. In any case, I've gained a lot of weight. My waist is now 38 1/2 inches, and its a pain the the neck to sleep b/c I'm a belly sleeper. I was able to sleep on my stomach until about 25 weeks but now its impossible. My chest is 37 inches and that makes it 3 inches more than I want... I cant wait until my milk comes in(not)....I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe.

hmm...I'll shut up now.

To everyone in KC, see you Saturday!!