Tuesday, July 22, 2008

likes/dislikes of pregnancy

Things I don't like anymore...
The smell of air conditioning.
Papa John's
Penn Station
Slow people
People who say, "are you gonna find out what you're having?" or "do you have really bad morning sickness?" when they don't know what else to ask.
That I'm too tired to go grocery shopping.
That Justin isn't doing the grocery shopping b/c he knows how tired I am.
Mosquito bites!!
Finding out that I don't like certain foods right now
When I eat something and burp it up every 5 seconds uncontrollably.

New things that I like...or that I like a lot more than before...
My belly gets all big when I eat or drink a lot.
The way Justin looks at me.
That I get to sit down whenever I want to, b/c I can!
Every once in a while I think, "there is a baby inside me!!!" and I get really happy.
Foot massages (done carefully)
Spending time alone with my thoughts
Looking at pictures of what my baby might look like
Telling everyone which food product my baby is the size of, right now a kumquat.
Eating. Its like all my food is hand-picked from God himself just for me! THANK YOU!
Being outside
I Love being with Justin, I just wish he would stop touching me so much! ha. How horrible am I!
I also love writing in my journals so the baby can read them later if he or she wants to.

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